Our Story

At Britcar, we are a family-run company that reaches global customers from our base in Ipswich, Suffolk. Founded in 2008, we specialise in supplying Land Rover and Jaguar parts, accessories and spares. We are exceptionally adept at finding those tricky obsolete parts that Jaguar Land Rover stopped making years ago! We keep a vast £3m worth of Jaguar and Land Rover parts on our shelves in our warehouse, but if what you want is not here we can quickly locate and acquire it so your Jaguar & Land Rover spares can be delivered ASAP.


Duncan and Sandy Mansfield are the founders of Britcar. Both fell in love with Land Rovers after driving them in the Transport Corp in the army, where they met. Duncan got into off-roading while with deployed with the British Army in Belize. After leaving the military, and a subsequent job in the metropolitan police, Duncan ended up as a finalist for the Camel Trophy 1989 but unfortunately was badly injured before the trials ended.

A few years later, in 1991, Sandy and Duncan went on to start their first of many successful Land Rover specialist companies. Together, they pioneered selling Land Rover parts on the internet and won several awards at the turn of the millennium for their contribution to the rise of e-commerce in the UK.  

After leaving everything behind to immigrate to Canada in 2007, they decided to return a year later. At this point, they founded Britcar using the knowledge they'd gained over the years to make it bigger and better than ever.  

Today, from one Jaguar Land Rover lover to another, we're here to help you keep your beloved vehicle both on and off the road, to keep fuelling your passion, and share our love of these fantastic vehicles with you! Thanks for supporting local, we really appreciate it.


From The Archive! 

Duncan Mansfield with his Camel Trophy TeamDuncan Mansfield & other Camel Trophy finalists in 1989 

Roving All Over the World - Duncan Mansfield in 2000

Pioneering the Land Rover E-commerce Industry

Scarlett Mansfield with Bali Off Road Club

Duncan's daughter with the Bali Land Rover Off-road Club

Off-roading in Mongolia

Duncan's daughter on her drive to Mongolia and back - after losing her rear door & being stopped in her tracks by camels!