Backorder or Obsolete?

Where possible, we try to list all the suppliers and brands of different parts that we can. This is to give you quality and price options. However, the information provided by suppliers is not always up-to-date and at the last minute, some parts may not be available from your chosen brand. 

If this is the case, we will e-mail you to let you know that part is either on 'backorder' or 'obsolete'. Some suppliers give us a date as to when the part is likely to come back into stock, but this is not always accurate. If you really want this part though, we will place it onto a list and let you know when it comes back into stock - it could be a few days or could be a few months, it's not quite clear.

If we tell you a part is obsolete, it's no longer available to order and will not be coming back into stock.

If you choose to allow product substitutions, we will find the most similar price point to the part you purchased and order that instead. You will receive an invoice for the price difference - whether that be a refund or an additional request for the extra cost required. 

We appreciate this can be confusing but if you need any additional guidance, please contact our team via live chat, e-mail, or by phone - all found in the footer of our website.