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Image of DA9012, a 'SKYTAG GPS TRACKING UNIT' part
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15cm x 12cm x 5cm
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Details of DA9012

With  a increasing amount of Land Rover’s being stolen, why not install a Skytag tracking system to help increase the chances of your vehicle being recovered.

The Skytag Vehicle Recovery System was recently featured on the BBC programme Thief Trackers, where a Defender was quickly recovered thanks to the Skytag tracking device that was fitted. To view more details on the Skytag System click here.

Skytag  are now  largest independent stolen vehicle recovery company in the UK, providing state of the art location equipment to recover your property quickly and efficiently. With an outstanding recovery record and an 11 minute fastest record, they are proud to offer a service second to none. With unique features like monthly operation checks and direct police access to live location information.

The Skytag device is a very small covert unit designed to be hidden in a vehicle,  self  instillation enhances the covert nature of the product as everyone will put it somewhere different, making it virtually impossible to find, this also reduces costs and makes the unit easily transferable from vehicle to vehicle with no charges.

The device is smaller than a computer mouse and contains a GPS chip that can  pin-point its location on the planet to within 5 metres. The device also contains a module that communicates this position to us via the GPRS data network. So we know exactly where your vehicle is in the event of a theft.

Our unit comes with the peace of mind of full worldwide cover and is IP65 waterproof. The device has an inbuilt backup battery that lasts 3 days should the vehicle battery be disconnected. It also alerts us when the battery has been disconnected; we can even tell when the vehicle battery is running low, ensuring continuous operation.

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15cm x 12cm x 5cm

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