The Discovery was launched in 1989 at a lower price than the upmarket Range Rover, in an attempt to capture the emerging 'lifestyle' 4x4 market. Initially launched as a 3-door only, it was a spacious and original vehicle, with the factory option of adding 2 additional jump seats in the boot. The 5-door arrived a year later in 1990 and paved the way for the modern Discovery we know today.

2004 brought us the second generation Discovery (L319), this new vehicle was badged as the Discovery 3 and LR3 (in the US). It retained the key design features of the Discovery (such as the stepped roofline and raked windscreen) but was a brand-new design from the wheels up. The new platform used a new construction method of mating a monocogue engine and passenger compartment to a ladder-frame chassis. The new approach was marketed as 'Integrated Body Frame (IBF)', and added strength, toughness, and adaptability to the vehicle at the cost of some performance and agility.

The Discovery was updated again in 2009 and badged as the Discovery 4 (LR4) - using the same IBF structure, it features some exterior tweaks (new lights and bumper styling) and a large number of mechanical improvements. The biggest change is the interior, with greater luxury and technology available that ever before. The drivetrain was updated to use the newest 'Gen III' engines from Jaguar Land Rover: a 3.0l TdV6 and the 5.0l V8 petrol. The six-speed automatic gearbox was improved, and then replaced in 2012 by an eight-speed model. These refinements bring the family friendly 7-seater into the Range Rover's territory of exclusive luxury transport.

As with all Land Rovers, aftermarket part availability is generally excellent, with a huge number of all Discoveries still in use today. Earlier 300Tdi models are particularly favoured by off-road enthusiasts for their simpler mechanics and customisability. We have a huge range of parts and accessories to refresh or upgrade your Discovery, just browse below by model, or search for a specific part.

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