Filtration and Service Kits

Regular scheduled maintenance is essential for your car to maintain it's efficiency and performance. Skipping services may invalidate a warranty, and will definitely cause expensive problems further down the line.

Whether you're looking after a classic Land Rover, maintaining your daily drive, or servicing customer's vehicles, our expansive range of service kits provide everything you need to perform the regular maintenance tasks for each vehicle.

The kits are an essential buy to ensure you have everything you need before you start work on the vehicle. Parts in most kits include:

Air filter

Air filters stop dirt and debris from the air getting in to the engine; these should be changed at every service interval as they can clog up much quicker than people think! Filter efficiency will reduce faster if you drive in more polluted or dusty / smokey environments. It can be worth checking your air filter in between services in case it needs replacing earlier. Air filters are often specific to individual vehicle / engine combinations, so not every 300Tdi vehicle will use the same one.

Oil filter

These filters help to protect the engine by filtering out impurities and particles in the engine oil. It is extremely important to ensure that the oil filter is undamaged and clean, as a blocked or damaged filter will allow contaminated oil to circulate around the engine vastly increasing the risk of catastrophic engine damage. Oil filters should be changed at every service interval, sometimes more often depending on how the vehicle is being used.

Fuel filter

Clean fuel is crucial for efficient engine operation - particles or debris in fuel can cause blocked injectors or engine damage. A simple fuel filter is the most common method of protecting the engine. Fuel filters are generally changed at major services or on every other annual service.

Spark plugs

Only used in petrol engines, the spark plugs provide the ignition for the combustion process in the engine. They are triggered once the fuel and air have been pumped into the engine. Over time, spark plugs become less effective, leading to problems starting the engine, poor acceleration, or unusually high fuel consumption. Spark plugs are generally changed at every major service.

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