Discovery 2 - 1999 to 2004

In 1998 the Series II (L318) was released. The facelift involved a whole new set of body panels, all except the rear door outer skin. The interior also saw improvements to make it feel less utilitarian. The two seats in the boot were now forward-facing, and much nicer to spend some time in. A pair of new engines completed the update: the all-new electronically-managed Td5 replaced the ageing 300Tdi, and the V8 was revised with new internals and sensors (it was now labelled as a 4.0l V8 even though the displacement was the same as the 3.9). There was a 'mid-range' facelift in 2002/3 which saw changes to external lighting and trim; the headlights used the 'pocketed' style already featured on the facelifted Freelander 1 and L322 Range Rover.

As with all Land Rovers, aftermarket part availability is generally excellent, with a huge number of all Discoveries still in use today. Earlier 300Tdi models are particularly favoured by off-road enthusiasts for their simpler mechanics and customisability. We have a huge range of parts and accessories to refresh or upgrade your Discovery, just browse below by model, or search for a specific part.

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