The sustainable future of JLR is all-electric!

As part of their new global strategy to become the icon of modern luxury, JLR has announced its path to all-electric vehicles! 

Jaguar itself is to become an all-electric luxury brand from 2025 onwards, hoping to offer unique customer experiences while having a positive societal impact.

In the next five years, Land Rover will also welcome six pure electric variants in its hope to become the world leader of luxury SUVs. And, by the end of the decade, all JLR nameplates are to be available in pure electric form, with the first all-electric Land Rover model due in 2024. By 2030, it’s also anticipated that around 60% of Land Rovers sold will be equipped with zero tailpipe powertrains to help matters too.

Not only that, as part of its goal to have a positive societal impact, this marks the start of their journey to become a net-zero carbon business by 2039. Clean-hydrogen fuel-cell power is being developed in preparation for future demand and their global manufacturing and assembly footprint is to be retained, rightsized, repurposed and reorganised. 

Mr N Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Motors and JLR Automotive, states that “Together, we will help Jaguar realise its potential, reinforce Land Rover’s timeless appeal and collectively become a symbol of a truly responsible business for its customers, society and the planet.”

What do you think of the move? Will it help Land Rover to retain its status as one of the leading global players in technology and sustainability? Or do you think the world isn’t ready for electric yet?