Land Rover Discovery 24th Birthday Weekend -12/13th October 2013

Tim emailed us a few months ago, Asking if we would like to donate a Raffle prize  for this years Land Rover Discovery Birthday Weekend

DSC_0944_zps513fbe60Another year over, the Discovery another year older and the celebrations are well and truly over. Hopefully everyone that attended has got home safely and by now are most probably back at work telling their work mates what a great weekend they have all had, will they understand?

Many many thanks to everyone that turned up and took part, either in their Land Rovers or Family saloons. Yes 3 Discovery’s broke down on their way but not to be put off 2 of their owners were low loaded back home only to come down in their cars, that is dedication. Approx 50 Land Rovers and of course 3 cars took part in the weekends celebrations, and if the cars have problems you can take the car to a body shop to fix any issue like this. Roy Preston and Chris Lowe bringing along their G WACs. Without everyone’s dedication and support the weekend would not be as good as it is if indeed it would happen at all. It has come along way since a few members of the DOC Committee put together its first informal get together to celebrate its 20th.

DSC_0975_zpsae49b1b2An amazing £1425 was raised through the sale of Raffle Tickets, Weekend Stickers, Rally Plaques and the Auction. Both the Jubilee Sailing Trust and the National Coast-watch Institution are very greatful for everyone’s generosity. There are still a few Rally Plaques and Stickers available, if you require either please let me know. The Plaques are £7 and the Stickers are £3. Postage will be a couple of quid if buying a plaque.


The website will be updated over the next couple of days, please visit it for the full story and some photos of the weekend.Again many thanks to all those that supported this great weekend and hopefully see you all again next year for the Discovery’s 25th Birthday Weekend.

Tim Newcombe

How to upgrade a Range Rover L322 2002 – 2005 Sat Nav System


On the right, you can find Duncan’s lovely 2004 Range Rover L322. Don’t be fooled by the facelift! It has had a rather useful upgrade this week. After some complaints from the boss about his mk3 BMW sat nav unit, it was time to upgrade to a better model. After a couple of hours of research, I dove in at the deep end and, by pure luck, managed to source, fit and upgrade the unit to a mark 4 version. (Oh, and it wasn’t that difficult in the end!)

So how did I do it may you ask?

Well at Britcar Global, we like to sell vast amounts of parts but also share some useful knowledge learnt over the years! So here goes:


  • My trusty DIY radio removal tool – A classic metal coat hanger cut up into some U shaped pins.
  • Tip: Raid the other half’s wardrobe!
  • A computer – any OS, any make, and any age, as long as it has a DVD/CD write drive.
  • Blank CD’s
  • Mk4 BMW sat nav unit – plenty of unit’s available online second hand.  (None will say for L322 Range Rovers as they are designed for BMW X5, 5 series from 1995-2003 and 7 series from 1993-2001.
  • BMW DVD HIGH roadmap for your country – I brought a 2009-2 European DVD map.
  • You will also need to own a Range Rover L322 model from 2002-2005.
    • Tip: If you don’t own one, then you don’t have to read on if you’re bored already!

The installation:

 I prepared by burning a V32 Firmware disc with a snazzy 2010 Range Rover splash screen. You need to use a decent brand disc and burn at the lowest setting, in my case X2 speed on Windows 7.

The mk4 unit came in the post and I quickly popped out to the boot of the car and prepared to install the unit.

The boot cover just pops off, exposing the DVD unit. Using my handy DIY removal tools, I removed mk3 unit in seconds. The two connectors are easy to pull off using the levers. The GPS aerial comes off easily enough too. The mk4 unit is the reverse of the removal, with identical connectors and fitment.

Once installed, you put the key in the ignition and then panic – the screen will show a BMW badge. It’s not fooling anyone, so the time is right for a firmware upgrade. At this point, I went round to the back of the car again and ejected any discs from the unit. I inserted my newly made firmware disc into the unit and then waited patiently while the unit updates. You just need to confirm this when it’s done by taking the disc out and pressing okay. I then popped back around to the boot/trunk and swapped the disc with the BMW map.

I had a fully working mk4 unit with a 2009 map and the new features.

At this point, I locked the car and came back after a break to be greeted by a new splash screen.

Success – one happy boss!

Credits: Matthew Stevenson (My_Range_Rover) for firmware file.

Disclaimer: If you want to carry out this installation yourself, please do so at your own risk. We are not responsible if anything goes wrong with your installation 

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A selection Customer’s Land Rover’s that visited us this week 12/10/13




October’s New Products

October’s New Products

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DA1222 Range Rover Evoque – 2-door White
DA1220 Range Rover L322 Silver

Build a V8 Model Engine

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