NEW PRODUCT – 15 inch and 16 inch beadlocker 4 wheel ring kit !!

To add to our ever expanding off-road product range. we have just added these 15 inch and 16 inch Bead-lockersLNP000253

BA7705      15 inch Beadlocker 4 Wheel Ring Kit

BA7706      16 inch Beadlocker 4 Wheel Ring Kit

Beadlocker kits designed to lock 1 bead of your tyre to the rim to prevent popping the bead off when running at low pressure off road. These lockers are tried and tested and are safe to run as low as 5psi off road to 

maximise traction.
• Fully captive inner front
• Shaped outer ring designed to clear any mud trapped in the rim.
• 21 x high tensile cap head screws to fix outer ring to inner ring using a heel and toe clamping technique (unique to us) to eradicate
dishing of the outer ring.
• No tyre sealant needed
• No overnight flat spotting of the tyre
• No pressure loss.
Beadlockers are intended for off road use only.


Twas the night before Christmas (Land Rover version)

We saw this and thought we would share it

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the land.
not a rover was leaking, not even a series one oil pan.
The rovers were all snug and warm in the garage,
with visions of winches and romps through the mud.

Mama in her nighty, and I in my rover cap had just
sat on the couch for a camel trophy recap.
When out on the garage there rose such a rattle
I swore that my D-90 must have shorted out in battle.

I rose from the couch in a rather quick fashion,
and rushed to the garage to see what had happened.
I threw open the door, turned on the light
and to my great surprise, everything was all right.

Then out on the drive I heard a man grumbling,
something about sir Lucas and his great mental fumbling.
As I peered out my window much suprise was mine
as I spotted jolly Saint Nick in an old green 109.

The fenders were tattered, the bumper askew,
the tires were smoking and letting off fumes,
the hood was propped open, and tools all askew
as Jolly old Saint Nick quickly disappeared from my view.

The light lights came on dimly, with the left one on first
and jolly old Saint Nick let out another curse.
The grounds, he was muttering as he came back in sight,
a few whacks with a jack and bye gosh there was light.

He gather his tools and slammed down the old hood,
jumped into the rover and started to move.
The diesel was clanking ,the smoke was a sight,
as the old 109 slowly disappeared from my sight.

I watched the lights blink, heard a cuss out of sight
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night,

from Russell Burns