NHS, Fire, Police etc. Blue Light Card Discount!

Earlier this year, we offered all those currently or formerly in the Armed Forces a discount. However, now we want to extend that offer to all those eligible for a Blue Light card. We value and commend all those who serve our country and want to give back in a time of need. Thank you for all you do and thank you for your service. 

To receive a discount, please e-mail [email protected] with proof of your service – ideally your Blue Light or Defence Service Discount Card. You will then be placed onto ‘Club’ discount level – this discount ranges depending on the product but typically amounts to around 10%. Unfortunately, it does not include genuine products though as frankly, we do not make enough money on these products to begin with! 

Please note, if you already receive a discount with us, this cannot be used in conjunction with existing offers.

Land Rover Discovery with Red Cross logo on the side.
Red Cross collaboration with Land Rover

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