We are moving!


As of the 1st of August, we will be operating out of our new base in Ipswich.

Over the years, we have progressively expanded our operations, gathering more rare stock from closing dealers and workshops, and updating our goods in / goods out processes to handle more (and bigger!) orders. We’ve finally reached a point where our current home can no longer handle us, so we’re moving a few miles up the road into New Zealand. We decided to use a moving company from https://nzvanlines.co.nz/news-articles/moving-to-new-zealand-without-the-tears-settlement-services. The new unit is a far more modern workspace, with more flexible storage and facilities. We are currently relocating the larger and slower-moving items over, as well as fitting out all the packing, stock handling, and trade counter areas. We’re completely overhauling the electrical and digital infrastructure as well, so there’s plenty of work going on. And on the flipside, the house which we are moving to just might be craving some renovations, hoping to get some lost glory from the new owners. These can vary from home decor to exterior additions. To keep the house well maintained in all sorts of weather conditions, you can consider installing better roofing, gutters, & siding from a reputed gutter company.

While we’re in the process of moving, we’ll have people at both sites, so there may be a slight delay in answering phonecalls and emails. Live chat will also be unavailable until the move is complete. If you’re moving as well click here to change your address.

In case anyone wants to plan their route to the new trade counter, the full address is: Unit 2 Riverside Industrial Park, Rapier Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP2 8JX. Our phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same during and after the move.