Which is the right part type for me? Genuine, OEM, or Pattern?

Most of of the parts on our site are listed several times to offer a range of choices – for example our site currently lists 14 different versions of ERR3340 (an oil filter). If you search for this part number, you’ll see different combinations of Supplier, Brand, and Type. We do this so we can offer you the choice of Genuine parts, a preferred Brand, or simply the cheapest option.

The options for Type are: Genuine, OEM, or Pattern; but what do those choices actually mean?

ERR3340 genuineGenuine Parts

Genuine parts will come in a Land Rover (or Jaguar) box, with matching tape, stickers etc. These are the exact parts you’ll get if you walk into a dealership and buy the parts direct. Most of the time, you’ll pay the same price regardless of where you buy a Genuine part – the manufacturer often insists on this. With Genuine parts, you’re guaranteed to get the exact, current part for your vehicle and the manufacturer’s warranty, not to mention how you can also get the best Firestone tires discounts. Interestingly, not all Genuine parts are actually made by the vehicle manufacturer – parts will often come from established specialist suppliers such as Bosch, Lucas, and K&N. The parts will still be supplied in Genuine boxes, direct from Land Rover (or Jaguar).

ERR3340 OEMOEM Parts

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer – this is the part originally fitted to your vehicle, but provided from the original part supplier (Bosch etc.). These are exactly the same as the Genuine parts, just not Genuine branded. OEM parts generally offer the best compromise of quality and cost.

ERR3340 PatternPattern Parts

A Pattern part is an aftermarket version of a part, made by a licensed manufacturer. Most of our Pattern parts come from our three main suppliers: Allmakes, Bearmach, and Britpart. Pattern parts offer a huge improvement in value over OEM and Genuine parts, with some Pattern parts being a tenth of the cost of the Genuine equivalent! It’s worth bearing in mind that sometimes you will compromise quality for value, and the part may not be as well finished as the OEM or Genuine version.

So, which one is the right choice?

Generally, we recommend getting the best quality part you can budget for, particularly if you’re working on critical systems such as braking and steering. There are people who will only use Genuine parts on their vehicles, and that’s fine as you know exactly what you’re getting every time. Most people will go for the OEM or Pattern option though, if they’re available.

If you need any help or guidance with choosing the right part, our experts are available on the phone, email, or live chat.