5 Modifications To Improve Your Land Rover

Before you start @’ing us, listen up! Ok ok ok, they’re not going to suit every Land Rover, and yes, some people prefer them to stay as they arrive but here are some ideas of what you could add to your Land Rover, especially if you’re bored in lockdown and just want to do some shopping (trust me, we know the feeling)! 

1. Sump Guard/ Steering Guard

Land Rover in Mongolia
To Mongolia! (Without a sump guard… oops).

While off-roading, a sump guard should be considered essential! A sump guard is typically an anti-corrosive plate that covers the front compartment of the car, fitting to the chassis so the engine is more protected against dust, dirt, and huge rocks.

Ultimately, it’s a wise investment as there’s so much to protect underneath your car and it’ll help save it from any unforeseen obstacles that your Land Rover may encounter while veering off the road. When I drove my Freelander from London to Mongolia and back, I stupidly didn’t have one of these and by the time I got home, the underneath of the car had been utterly destroyed! Needless to say, my baby didn’t live long after that 😭. 

If you’re driving a Defender, a Discovery, or a Range Rover Classic, one of the larger vehicles you should prioritise a steering guard and a dif guard over a sump guard as a first investment as these are more likely to get damaged off-roading. 

Click here to browse what sump guards we sell! If the sump guard you need for your Land Rover isn’t listed, get in touch and we’ll see if we can help. Click here for steering guards, and here for dif guards.

2. Rock Slider

 Northern California Land Rover Club Rock-Crawling
 Northern California Land Rover Club Rock-Crawling

Keeping on the theme of saving the bottom of your vehicle, if you’re planning to head seriously off-road, I highly recommend purchasing some rock sliders. Typically made of heavy-duty box section steel, they run along each side of the vehicle, just below the level of the door sills, attached to the chassis. As the name suggests, their function is to protect your door sills and the bottom of your door from damage when you encounter large obstacles, such as rocks!

Click here to browse what we rock sliders we sell! If the rock slider you need for your Land Rover isn’t listed, get in touch and we’ll see if we can help.

3. Fridge

Fridge in Range Rover Land Rover
A fridge custom-built into a Range Rover

The best thing I ever installed was a fridge! Ok, I know it’s not essential, but it does improve your experience. Especially if you’re the type that loves veering off-road, out into the unknown, and camping with friends and family. It’s just a super convenient way to keep your essentials cold. Whether you consider essentials to be lettuce or beer (because everyone knows warm beer is the easiest way to ruin a day).

You can get fridges in a lot of different sizes and from different brands. The most popular brand is ARB but, just a fair warning, it does come with a hefty price tag! You can also get Fridge ‘slides’ if you want to install it into the back under other stuff and still be able to slide it out easily to access it. My favourite fridge is the one you can get that fits into the centre console of some Land Rovers. While it’s not the biggest, it’s great to keep things cool if you live in a hot country!

Click here to browse what fridges we sell!

4. Sidesteps

Land Rover Defender Sidestep

During lockdown have you been ferrying your mother back and forth to the doctors to get her vaccines? Are you taking your small kids on trips to the local nature reserve? Or are you just feeling the strain in your knee as you get older? A good ol’ sidestep isn’t exactly the most original modification you can make to your Land Rover but it’s certainly a simple and practical one to help to get in and out of such a high vehicle!

Click here to browse what sidesteps we sell! If the sidestep you need for your Land Rover isn’t listed, get in touch and we’ll see if we can help.

5. Sound Deadening

Series Land Rover in Bali
It’s seriously deafening!

Ok… if you’ve ever driven an old series Land Rover or a Defender, you’ll know that it’s not a quiet ride. If you’re driving for longer than 10 minutes, that noise really starts to grind on you! One of the best modifications you can make to your baby in this case then is to go for some sound deadening!

From Britpart, we offer Dynamat Xtreme Sound Deadening material, the most effective product for stopping both vibration and noise. It can be used on any/ all interior sheet metal and fibreglass body panels so go ahead and place it on your floor, roof, doors, bonnet, and load scape to create a more comfortable ride. Now you can crank that volume up because you enjoy it, not because you want to drown out the sound of vibration!!

Part numbers for the Defenders:

  • Bonnets — DA8091 (1983-98), DA8093 (Td5), DA8092 (2007+)
  • Foot wells – DA8094 (1983-2006), DA8083 (2007+)
  • Seat box—DA8095 (1983-2006), DA8084 (2007+)
  • Rear tub floor — DA8086 (1983-2006 & 2007+)
  • Rear wheel arches – DA8087 (1983-2006, 2007+ (commercial only) & Defender 110 1983-2006 station wagon)
  • Sheet of Dynamat Xtreme – DA8076 (1,200x610mm)

Please note, there are more types available, please get in touch if you need other areas covered.

What Else?

If none of these ideas are suitable for your Land Rover, I have thrown together a list of other things you could consider getting if you’re just desperate to spend some $$$:

As always, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We know that our website isn’t always the easiest to navigate (we’re working on it, I promise) but you can either use live chat, e-mail us, or ring us on 01473 907 444. We can tell you if a certain part number will fit your Land Rover or what part you may need if you can’t locate it.

Drop us a comment to let us know what modification you think we’ve forgotten! 👇

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